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2018 Introduction

Not all is lost.

2017 was a crazy year. Within its first months, values appreciated by over 25% in some neighbourhoods, provoking some sellers to sell frantically and cash in their winnings. And then the tables turned: by the time the autumn leaves fell, freehold property prices dropped back to 2016 levels. A three million dollar house became a two-and-a-half million dollar house once again. Condominiums, interestingly, only experienced a moderate correction.

Some think 2018 will bring us the winning streak again. I think they are right. The reason is simple: the market, after its injuries, is clearly in stable condition. Properties are selling. The transaction volume is consistent. Buyers are making offers. The world has not come to an end.

2018 will offer a window of opportunity for some intelligent buyers and sellers to achieve and surpass their objectives. When you read through the pages that follow, you will discover that the present market dynamics are very unique. You will realize that, now more than ever, you need an experienced, strategic agent to help you achieve extra-ordinary results. Of course, you will also imagine that I am the perfect agent for you to contact…

When you call me to orchestrate your real estate plans this year, you will discover how my experience and my strategies will put you ahead of the crowd. Just picture how happy you will be once we achieve success together in 2018…


An Invitation

Have you ever wondered what makes one agent different from another?

I invite you to call me. When we meet, you will immediately realize why so many other intelligent buyers and sellers have selected me to bring them extraordinary results. The moment you contact me, your ideal real estate experience will begin.

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